Hotspot – the idea (1)

easyOne easy way to make some big score is by making a good use of hotspot. But what is a hotspot, anyway? What kind of spot is that? Maybe the easiest way to understand the concept is not by defining it, but by seeing it in action. So let’s have a look.

Suppose we have this combination in our rack: JXPENE? (see diagram). What word would we be thinking? EXPENSE? JEEP? The first would need an extra S or E to make do, but for JEEP we’ve had it all. So the problem now is to find a place on the board where we can lay our jeep down. Please give it a try. Find the place. Spot the spot.

hspot1K8: or K9: JEEP (using an E from the table) is fine. It gives us 26 points. Not bad, but this way we would just make use of a bonus square—in this case, a DWS [double word square], not a hotspot. So where is the hotspot?

hspot1aHave a good look at line-L in this quadrant. If we park our jeep here (as indicated by the yellow line), then from the same word JEEP we will get a quite different outcome: a whooping 57 points! Thanks to the hotspot.

As we can see, the very position of the DWS makes the DLS real hot—as if it were a QLS [QUADRUPLE LETTER SCORE] bonus square. Now that must be real hot (!).



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