QUIZ – Don’t get stuck

easyThe game is just over. Blue finished it—miserably. But that wasn’t just about the score. Something is very wrong with this game. Have a good look at the diagram, then try to figure that out. Take a wild guess, if you have to.

Blue: 161 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Red: 424
0 - this is no 50-50



The board is so full of reds. That’s the wrong thing about this board.

There are only 26 blue tiles(!), so there must be about 70 red tiles on board. Let’s rephrase it: from a total of 100 tiles, Blue only played one-fourth of them (26), and Red were in control of the rest (74)—almost three times as many(!). Blue was bound to lose this game. Blue himself made sure of it.

Let’s have a good look at it. After BARF, PAVE, and WADI, Blue’s words merely consist of one-two letter dumps: AM, EN, EL, ON, DE, ZA, TI, NO and SUQ—before closing the game with an [eventually] ‘longer’ word, EXITS.

Chance is, after WADI, Blue was chasing an elusive bingo. Ever so overdeterminedly that he forgot to get into the game(!). A 40-60 split between two players might still be considered even. But a 26-74 one? No way! Sacrificing a turn (or sometimes even two) is one thing, but sacrificing again and again (and again) like what Blue’s doing here is surely another. The more tiles we have, the bigger the chance we have some favorable combination on our rack.

As we can see, Blue didn’t make that bingo, Red did (CRAYONED).

So don’t forget this: Get into the game, then maybe we can talk about chance.


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