Calculated risk

hardSometimes the only way to go any further is taking a risk, so we’d  better mind our step doing it. Here the scoring position is 252-250 (it doesn’t matter whose score is which). Only about ten tiles left in the bag. The endgame is right on the doorstep.

Now we have a homeless bingo (UNTAXED). Too bad. But hey, we’ve also got an advantage: the last blank on the game. Maybe it’s time to take some calculated risk.

calculatedrisk1N2: TAXED scores about 50 points, but it gives our opponent an (arguably) open bingo line (with some O’s and E’s still up, D is somewhat easy to parallel ). N4: TAXED scores less (not by much), but surely it gives us a decent 35 lead and a one-for-you-one-for-me split over the two TWS (red) squares on the bottom.

Which one is better? I guess nobody knows, for we just don’t go sneaking around peeking our opponent’s rack. Each option has its own risk. But the choice is always ours.


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