Exchange – tug of luck

mediumScoring and keeping in touch with the dynamics of the board is important. But there are times when the only sensible thing to do is to make an exchange.

Look at the board (row-A in particular), and the tiles on the rack.

(1226) Blue: 287+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (1236) Red: 267
2 xchange(Tiles left: 7 — E G I M NN OO P RR TTT)

It’s quite clear that 10B: HA could only be hooked by A S or W (AHA, SHA or WHA), which (fortunately) all had already been down on the board. So the only possible tile to ever make that hook was the blank on my rack (nice, huh?). Then with four I’s on the rack and seven tiles left in the bag, this was now-or-never chance for an exchange.

So I made the exchange: three of the four I’s—imagining words like TEAMING or MEANING or any seven-letter bingo ending with an S along the first row. Well, maybe I should have dumped M as well. All I know is that it just didn’t work out. I got another I—the only other I. So I guess it won’t do anyone any good if one loves oneself too much (or too many), right?. My rack got better (sure), but I didn’t make that bingo. Blue diservedly won this game.



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