Don’t do the don’ts

mediumThere are things in scrabble—however legal, that we’d rather not do. Here are two of them, both involving giving the opponent unnecessary scoring boost.

(1276) Blue: 87 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (1242) Red: 49dontdothedonts

Red had just moved 8K: LUAU. This is reckless. Giving a TWS to your opponent like this is a big—and I mean Big, no-no. Just check out what Blue had got on the rack. With O4: ZETAS, Blue would kick an easy 87 pointer. Without throwing a blank, and it’s not even a bingo(!).

And for anybody knows the word zany (a common word for scrabblers) with its comparative and superlative forms, then O3: ZANIEST will give them 113 points. Or, if the opponent has been playing for quite awhile, he/she will probably see O3: AZOTISE, 140 points.


The one below is a different game. Here Blue had just moved 13L: AJEE.

(622) Blue: 228 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (1293) Red: 291 hotspot 2-TWSa1Tiles left: 6 – A III L N OO R S U Y Z

The position of the last ‘e’ here was a grave mistake. For one reason, it  would surely make the DLS real hot. For another reason, this was just suicidal. If it’s not already clear why that is so, then try to put the S and the T on the board as shown on the last diagram below.

hotspot 2-TWSb1

Well? Now we’ll have just to imagine a word ending with EST, won’t we? Or maybe we can talk about the weather first (note: EST is not a move yet).

  • cloud → CLOUDY – cloudier – cloudiest
  • sun++→ SUNNY,,,,– sunnier,l– sunniest

Then how about wind → WINDY? Sure, WINDIEST would mean reaching both TWS in one single move—enjoying a nonuple word score bonus (two TWS at once means 3×3=9). So the overall math would be like this: 10×9+50=140.


There are other combinations in the same fashion that would as well fit in, such as:


2 thoughts on “Don’t do the don’ts

  1. Can I get on your mailing list? I learned a lot from you going over these games…I’d like to see more! Thanks!

    • You are quite welcome, Minnie. Just follow the blog, and you will be notified whenever there is a new post.
      One thing, tho: you’ve got yourself a lazy writer here 🙂

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