QUIZ – when time is running out

harderThis is a gift from a friend. I could not solve this, but maybe you could. We are the first player. Bag’s already empty. The clock is ticking. Last time to strike.

Find a bingo.

1st Player: 228++++++++++++++++++++++ 2nd Player: 290quiz harder end mustbingoTiles left: 0 – A C J N P (opponent’s)




3A: HINDERING (80 point + bonus point from opponent’s leftover).

The theme is ‘double-crossing’.

Spotting a bingo line for a nine-letter word which crosses two lines like this (in this case, crossing other words twice—DUNE and CREAM) is not easy. It’s not necessarily the word itself that is hard (hindering is not a difficult word), but imagining it in the first place is.


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