Guinness, anyone?

In scrabble, in the whole timespan (careful guys, this ain’t yet a TWL term) of your scrabble life, how many times do you see some highly unusual games, let alone play them yourself? Frankly, I never give it much thought myself. Not before this game. It happened a couple of days ago. Look at the board. See anything strange?


Like any other two-player games on ISC (Internet Scrabble Club), this was a game between Blue and Red. Then how come there is no red tiles on board? Why are all the tiles blue? Here is the answer.

weirdgame_movelistOf all the six turns already taken, Red either made an exchange (twice), got challenged on some non-legit words (WEIN & WOOT), or challenged some good ones (PIETY & CONGA). Thus, for no less than six times in a row, for one reason or another, somehow Red always managed to ‘pass’.

As we can see—on the sixth turn, Red made the second exchange, still didn’t seem to like what’s on the rack, then left. Red had got to have a group of bad tiles, or a very bad day.

Had Red decided to hang around a little longer, there would have been some other blue tiles showing up (it was in fact Blue’s turn when Red left).

Now take your pick, scrabble-wise, which one of these is the weirdest:

  • All moves were done by the same player
  • The first six moves (seven, if Red didn’t leave) were done by the same player
  • One player never made a move at all
  • The first twenty-five tiles (that is exactly one-fourth of the whole bunch—and it should’ve been more) on board were laid down by one player.

Believe me folks, this game has it all. 🙂



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