Scrabble Head

Unai duumviri unci

Serai sartorii duci

Ambo jnana momus blenny

Mako agama mho mu splenii

Sequoia vitric residua moxie

Sei oidia yttric rishi qua poxy

Coots pah, limbo gran ulema

Chutzpah, lymphogranuloma

Oe puzzle toque ruth?

Eau mazeltov crwth!

Ich noo fink alef agentry pood gadi

awa hey ar saul jabot..

If you think I have a pretty good idea

of what they are all about..

Nth uvea bott krubi degami

Then you have got to be kidding me!! + 🙄

++++++++++ ****

Note: all are playable words in scrabble


4 thoughts on “Scrabble Head

    • You don’t get it? Then welcome (back) to the club, Ma’am! And I just want to tell you this: “For Dian Purnomo, the door will always be open”.
      – Skub –

      { terjemahan / translation }
      Wakakakak..!! Eh, Mbak Dian satu-satunya orang yang bikin komentar di blog ini (ki aku nulise sambi nyekel anduk, terharu).
      – sok kul –
      { koreksi: ‘satu-satunya orang’ diganti jadi ‘orang pertama’, udah nambah soale }

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