A game with two Q’s

One thing people like about computer (i.e. internet) scrabble is obvious: it does the math. Well, at least most of it, nonetheless. But an algorithm, however sophisticated, is surely not without flaws (errors, bugs, drawbacks, you name it)β€”from anything as commonplace as power failure or processing problem (at times, that millions-of-operations-per-second chip just acts dumbβ€”other times dumber), to something very uncommon like this game below.


See the words (QUAG and QUITE)?. Surely this was a (computer) glitch. A fun one, for that matter. Also quite interesting is imagining how both players (one than the other) reacted when they found out that there were actually two Q’s on board: 😯 β†’ πŸ˜• β†’ πŸ˜† .


We (see profile/pictures) had a scrabble club once (for some reason, it’s now there no more). On one particular corner, we used to display ‘anything scrabble’ ( tips, players’ stats, and anything worth noting or announcing). If we still had that now, then you bet I would make a printout of this board and hang it on the wall for everyone to see.

Good game, cmnancys and florri. Cheers!!


Many warm thanks to Patty (the contributor)


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