Make one

only when we have to

Embrace and don’t let go

when it comes on its own

even if we don’t want it to


It doesn’t matter

if it is too long or too short

whether we find it interesting or not

Or lacking in sense,

and might start people wonder

about our health-sanity-or-you-know-what

if they just had it figured out

Nay, ain’t even it matter

if it is not about something we’ve really got

For you see..

As long as it helps,

It’s good


Context: the frequenting needs (for scrabblers) to memorize words.
For examples, see:
+Hollywood luvs ya!
+Using reminders

4 thoughts on “Reminder

    Thank you for being the first to requisition a poem for hire. I apologize for the delay, I wanted to do this right. The last few days you would have ended up with an edgy free-formed rap, and I doubt that is what you were looking for.
    Also, while I’m here, I enjoyed “Reminder” quite a bit. I really like the flow that you have going with it. It shows that you have a great gift as a poet, and I’m glad you aren’t putting it to waste.

    • Delay? Nah, I’ll call it quick. Can’t compose one at will myself. And when I do (if ever), it usually might only pass for a uniformed-rap lol.

      Thank you for what you’ve said about ‘Reminder’. Never thought an artist (or anyone, for that matter) would ever tell me that. Hey, I’m glad being number one there, feel good already. OK, I’ll go check.

      Thanks again.

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