A sightly monstrosity

What is your biggest one-move score? 200? 250? I rarely make it through the 100-point barrier myself (and when somehow I do, it’s usually barely—not way beyond).

Anyway, have a look at the diagram below.

bigword_oxyphenbutazone 01

(And what is so special about it?) Check,

bigword_oxyphenbutazone 02

(Whoooaa..!!) Let’s munch on this—one bite at a time. Naked, the monster is worth 38 point. Taking the second DLS (‘Z’) into account, we get 48. Bringing in the fearsome TWS’s (there are three of them), we have (TWS x TWS x TWS) or (3 x 3 x 3) = 27. And surely there is yet the ever-‘humble’ 50-point bonus for a bingo. Putting it all together,

(48 x 27) + 50 = 1346

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one word. 😀


Thanks to ‘thetoolman’ & ‘Pssssst’ for the fun
And surely thanks to Patty for sharing it

While ‘au’ and ‘aire’ are legit in MULTI (playing English-French-Romanian simultaneously), mind not about ‘wao’ and ‘epit’ (it might’ve already been late when the two players set up this fifteen-letter gem for all of us to enjoy).


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