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The Wooden Table
– address:
– dictionary: TWL (with a few SOWPODS)
is a reminder of (once) a scrabble community..

The community
Name: .. (didn’t have any)
Dictionary: TWL
Members: about 35 people
Address: t’Buko – kedai baca
City: Semarang
Province: Central Java
Country: Indonesia (yes, Bali is in here)

The blogger
Playing site: Internet Scrabble Club
Handlers (ID’s): skub (plays any level) / bojleng
Dictionaries: TWL / SOWPODS

Photos by (among others): Timun, Nusanto, Fetri


For a scrabble blog in Indonesian: Scrabble Indonesia – Bahasa Inggris? Siapa takut!

– Skub [Skhoo:b] –


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