Letting a bingo go

sowpods-medNow why would anybody intentionally do that, really? The truth is, there are actually a number of reasons why we would, or should. But before we go to the whys behind such a stunt, let’s have a look at the diagram below.

letting go a bingo_1 (cut) 7575

Yes, this is a bingo alright—J9:OUTAGES (67) or 11I:GASEOUS (80). But look again. The bingo (either one, it doesn’t matter) while not being a bad move itself, will deplete the last blank not only from the rack, but also from the game. And with what we could nakedly see from the ’tiles left’, chance is both players will be playing short words for the rest of the game.

And we have some ‘security issue‘ here. Either OUTAGES or GASEOUS will give the opponent a chance for a crazy bingo (by using two TWS in one move).

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Rales from the Crypt

SOWPODSWhy do we play this game? There must be something about the game that we find worth doing or we won’t keep doing it like this (like crazy). As a matter of fact, there’s got to be some reason why people end up doing—or not doing, something.

What reason that might be is just anybody’s guess. It could be something simple (from just for the fun of it to taking anything like the Guinness World Records too bloody seriously), or something deeper (like health or psyche issue, perhaps).

Anyway, here is a game from a shrewd player I know on the internet. Against an opponent no less ‘extraordinary’ (in whatever sense you might find fit) than this friend of mine is.


Looked ordinary enough. But then Blue (my friend, the first player) was in for a surprise..

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Creating a trump card

sowpods-medJust like in ‘bridge’ (a card game), in scrabble we could sometimes have a trump card. And as with any other trumps, we just need to play it right. Now what are you going to do, if you have a rack and a board like this?

(1094) Blue: 196 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (1169) Red: 239sowpods setup advantage - tile

Holding the last Y, I made M10: PUNCH. Then my last Y became a trump card since it was the only letter that could ‘back-hook’ punch (PUNCHY)—reaching the upper or lower TWS. There was still one wildcard (blank) somewhere (either in the bag or already on Blue’s rack), but this was worth the risk (and it just so happened that my next move was 15L: DYNE).


Sowpods word: DA, GERT

Using reminders

sowpods-easyA photograph is always a good reminder for it helps us remember things. But a reminder does not have to be something physical. Actually, anything at all (making sense or otherwise) will do. As long as it works, it’s good.

Are you unfamiliar with SOWPODS? Try learning these words, by using reminders.

a village in the Netherlands
Search and Rescue
Leave or Rescue
Only Rescuing Force (sorry, we don’t search)
to stoit = to bounce



(1347) Blue: 390 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (1450) Red: 346sowpods-01