Easy game – or is it?

hardWhen things going or looking too easy, maybe it’s about time to take a second look—just in case we miss something ‘interesting’. Here the game had been going halfway. I was Blue, with some 50-point lead and a bingo (UNEQUAL) ready to fire. Easy game? Check again.

A 50-point diff is no big deal when about 40 tiles are still in the bag. And my so-called bingo just didn’t even have a place to materialize—homeless, as some people might say. What, then? I’d still got to dump QU, one way or another. And it’s obvious that 6F: QAT is out of the question, since it would leave me with 2 U’s (which in turn if I drew the last U from the bag could make my blank really look like a stranger).

Blue: 153 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Red: 1012 setup-QUUTiles left: 38 — Tiles left to note: AAA U ? SSS

The most obvious way to some decent score by using U might be F2: QUA (32). But, wait! With some A’s still missing, there’s a good chance that Red would hook this with AQUA along the first column—might as well with the DLS and TWS all at once. No way!

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QUIZ – When bingo is a must

easyI am Blue, and just moved K2: WOVE. You are Red—about 60 point behind. The bag is already empty. The only way for you to win this game is by making a bingo (in the game, Red did just that). So, use up all your tiles, and make me blue..   🙂

Blue: 291 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Red: 2301 bingo end must


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