Hotspot – the idea (2)

easyThis one is easier. So, let’s just start right away (see diagram). We will focus on the first quadrant, line-B in particular. One of the squares is really hot(!).hspot2

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Hotspot – the idea (1)

easyOne easy way to make some big score is by making a good use of hotspot. But what is a hotspot, anyway? What kind of spot is that? Maybe the easiest way to understand the concept is not by defining it, but by seeing it in action. So let’s have a look.

Suppose we have this combination in our rack: JXPENE? (see diagram). What word would we be thinking? EXPENSE? JEEP? The first would need an extra S or E to make do, but for JEEP we’ve had it all. So the problem now is to find a place on the board where we can lay our jeep down. Please give it a try. Find the place. Spot the spot.

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QUIZ – When bingo is a must

easyI am Blue, and just moved K2: WOVE. You are Red—about 60 point behind. The bag is already empty. The only way for you to win this game is by making a bingo (in the game, Red did just that). So, use up all your tiles, and make me blue..   🙂

Blue: 291 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Red: 2301 bingo end must


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