Hotspot – spotting the spot(s)

mediumThe best time to spot (that is, to detect) a hotspot is the very moment it comes into existence. Then make a good use of it right away (if there are no clearly better alternatives, of course). The game has just started, and already Red has been very kind to Blue with his first move. The square (spot) right under the second O is very hot(!).

(1236) Blue: 18 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (1246) Red: 15hotspot-exp1

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Hotspot – the idea (2)

easyThis one is easier. So, let’s just start right away (see diagram). We will focus on the first quadrant, line-B in particular. One of the squares is really hot(!).hspot2

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Hotspot – the idea (1)

easyOne easy way to make some big score is by making a good use of hotspot. But what is a hotspot, anyway? What kind of spot is that? Maybe the easiest way to understand the concept is not by defining it, but by seeing it in action. So let’s have a look.

Suppose we have this combination in our rack: JXPENE? (see diagram). What word would we be thinking? EXPENSE? JEEP? The first would need an extra S or E to make do, but for JEEP we’ve had it all. So the problem now is to find a place on the board where we can lay our jeep down. Please give it a try. Find the place. Spot the spot.

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