The Bingo Line(s)

easyLove making a bingo? Then better make a habit of recognizing the bingo line(s)—area(s) on the board where we will have a fair chance to lay down a bingo. The idea of recognizing the bingo line beforehand (then make a mental note of it) is that we will quickly know where to look if we have a bingo combination on our rack.

As we can see, this board has at least seven bingo lines—marked by the yellow lines (you can add more if you wish, like row-L or column-3). Of all these seven, the (bingo) line on the first row (row-A) is the least flexible since it can only fit to a bingo ending with an A (to parallel the letter-B). Please notice that although an R can only be ‘under-paralleled’ by an E, row-K can still be considered flexible because we don’t have to start from right under the R (in this case, we can start from one square to the left—that is K7:, for instance).

Now look at the tiles on the rack. See any bingo? Where would it fit? (answer below).

(834) Blue: 188 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (1273) Red: 1681 - bingo (place)_line

Righto! Sure we’ve got MAIDENS. Where to? (Hint: as we don’t have to start from right under the letter-R on row-K, we also don’t have to start from right above the letter-T on row-N).