The spirit prevails

It’s quite understandable why many players do not want to play anyone rated much lower than themselves. It’s high-risk. Rate-wise speaking, the game will drag you down big time if you lose, and give you almost nothing if you win. Sometimes, if the rate-gap between both player is really big (more than five hundreds or, say, a thousand or so), it could still cost you some rate points even if you didn’t lose the game.

Contrariwise, not all players like to play anyone rated much higher than themselves. Well, they have their reasons.

But surely a game is not just about rating (or even winning or losing). So thankfully, there are other kind of players like this Jo something here, for example. This player just saw me in the seek bar, accepted my challenge, and marauded me. Fair and square. Nice going, Jo. 🙂

[Note: I happened to be Red, in all of the games here]

spiritprevail - 600 lost_cropped

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