Make one

only when we have to

Embrace and don’t let go

when it comes on its own

even if we don’t want it to


It doesn’t matter

if it is too long or too short

whether we find it interesting or not

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Hollywood luvs ya!

This article about playable names is especially written for non-English speaking players

Many people, especially those who don’t speak English, find that the most intimidating part of this game is vocabulary. This is ironic, since playing scrabble actually helps us enrich our word bank, not jeopardize it. But that aside, there are indeed many approaches to throw in a chunk of words into our memory. One easy way is by using familiarity—by making use of the things we are familiar with. Like public figures’ names.

We are all familiar with many Hollywood’s characters—factual or fictitious. Now how about having them ever ready to give us a hand 24 hours a day? How come? Many of their names are playable! Check out the following list (focus on those you already know first):

Timothy Dalton
Morgan Freeman
Jack Lord
Don Johnson
Tarzan & Jane
Matt Helm
Martin Landau
Mel Gibson
Tom Hanks
Tommy Lee Jones

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Using reminders

sowpods-easyA photograph is always a good reminder for it helps us remember things. But a reminder does not have to be something physical. Actually, anything at all (making sense or otherwise) will do. As long as it works, it’s good.

Are you unfamiliar with SOWPODS? Try learning these words, by using reminders.

a village in the Netherlands
Search and Rescue
Leave or Rescue
Only Rescuing Force (sorry, we don’t search)
to stoit = to bounce



(1347) Blue: 390 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (1450) Red: 346sowpods-01