Make one

only when we have to

Embrace and don’t let go

when it comes on its own

even if we don’t want it to


It doesn’t matter

if it is too long or too short

whether we find it interesting or not

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A game with two Q’s

One thing people like about computer (i.e. internet) scrabble is obvious: it does the math. Well, at least most of it, nonetheless. But an algorithm, however sophisticated, is surely not without flaws (errors, bugs, drawbacks, you name it)—from anything as commonplace as power failure or processing problem (at times, that millions-of-operations-per-second chip just acts dumb—other times dumber), to something very uncommon like this game below.


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Hollywood luvs ya!

This article about playable names is especially written for non-English speaking players

Many people, especially those who don’t speak English, find that the most intimidating part of this game is vocabulary. This is ironic, since playing scrabble actually helps us enrich our word bank, not jeopardize it. But that aside, there are indeed many approaches to throw in a chunk of words into our memory. One easy way is by using familiarity—by making use of the things we are familiar with. Like public figures’ names.

We are all familiar with many Hollywood’s characters—factual or fictitious. Now how about having them ever ready to give us a hand 24 hours a day? How come? Many of their names are playable! Check out the following list (focus on those you already know first):

Timothy Dalton
Morgan Freeman
Jack Lord
Don Johnson
Tarzan & Jane
Matt Helm
Martin Landau
Mel Gibson
Tom Hanks
Tommy Lee Jones

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Creating a trump card

sowpods-medJust like in ‘bridge’ (a card game), in scrabble we could sometimes have a trump card. And as with any other trumps, we just need to play it right. Now what are you going to do, if you have a rack and a board like this?

(1094) Blue: 196 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (1169) Red: 239sowpods setup advantage - tile

Holding the last Y, I made M10: PUNCH. Then my last Y became a trump card since it was the only letter that could ‘back-hook’ punch (PUNCHY)—reaching the upper or lower TWS. There was still one wildcard (blank) somewhere (either in the bag or already on Blue’s rack), but this was worth the risk (and it just so happened that my next move was 15L: DYNE).


Sowpods word: DA, GERT

Guinness, anyone?

In scrabble, in the whole timespan (careful guys, this ain’t yet a TWL term) of your scrabble life, how many times do you see some highly unusual games, let alone play them yourself? Frankly, I never give it much thought myself. Not before this game. It happened a couple of days ago. Look at the board. See anything strange?


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QUIZ – when time is running out

harderThis is a gift from a friend. I could not solve this, but maybe you could. We are the first player. Bag’s already empty. The clock is ticking. Last time to strike.

Find a bingo.

1st Player: 228++++++++++++++++++++++ 2nd Player: 290quiz harder end mustbingoTiles left: 0 – A C J N P (opponent’s)


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Hunch – when thinking become crunching

hardThinking too hard—even in a thinking game like this, will do no one any good for (apart from becoming stressful) it will not only snatch the fun away, but also draw us away from our best potentials (nobody could do their best if they’re worn out).

Here, were there a U available on the board, this would be ANTIQUES (a bingo)—or, were there be another A, 4A:QANAT would still be a big timer (though not a bingo). But since neither seems to be the case, it would be better to forget about those ifs and all that jazz. Let’s stick with the facts instead.

Blue: 130 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Red: 139

Blue has just made N3:TEA. Seeing how the board is going (an open one), it looks like Blue’s having a hard time with his rack combination—and being desperate for a change. But this surely looks like a setup too. It’s like his way in saying: “So you want the top row, Red? Then I’ll do the bottom.” This might indeed be a good move by Blue, opening up new possibilities when whatever available doesn’t look very promising.

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