A game with two Q’s

One thing people like about computer (i.e. internet) scrabble is obvious: it does the math. Well, at least most of it, nonetheless. But an algorithm, however sophisticated, is surely not without flaws (errors, bugs, drawbacks, you name it)—from anything as commonplace as power failure or processing problem (at times, that millions-of-operations-per-second chip just acts dumb—other times dumber), to something very uncommon like this game below.


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Rales from the Crypt

SOWPODSWhy do we play this game? There must be something about the game that we find worth doing or we won’t keep doing it like this (like crazy). As a matter of fact, there’s got to be some reason why people end up doing—or not doing, something.

What reason that might be is just anybody’s guess. It could be something simple (from just for the fun of it to taking anything like the Guinness World Records too bloody seriously), or something deeper (like health or psyche issue, perhaps).

Anyway, here is a game from a shrewd player I know on the internet. Against an opponent no less ‘extraordinary’ (in whatever sense you might find fit) than this friend of mine is.


Looked ordinary enough. But then Blue (my friend, the first player) was in for a surprise..

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Guinness, anyone?

In scrabble, in the whole timespan (careful guys, this ain’t yet a TWL term) of your scrabble life, how many times do you see some highly unusual games, let alone play them yourself? Frankly, I never give it much thought myself. Not before this game. It happened a couple of days ago. Look at the board. See anything strange?


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