A worthy picnic

harderIt’s about time to pay the big guys a visit—watch them play. What good does this do to us? A lot. Vocabs, tactics, a couple of tricks.. It’s fun, nonetheless (it doesn’t matter who plays Red or Blue here, our concern is about the play).

harder, a visit 01

Move one. And it pays already! Now how many seven-letter words starting with SES~ do you know? I know two: SESSION and SESAMES. Each consumes no less than three S’s. Cool, huh?

And Blue’s answer to this with his rack of vowel fiesta? AIRBOATS. Another bingo. And mind you, it is a double DWS(!).

harder, a visit 02

Check out the diagram [above]. Sure, Blue needs some free vowel with this. And his move? REDTOP. Kicking the TWS. But the one below is somewhat complex.

harder, a visit 03

Here, if I were Blue, I would play F2:HIT—hoping to play WHIT in the next move reaching the TWS and praying my opponent didn’t have the last ‘S’ to beat the SHIT out of my wit. o_O

But that seems too droll for this Blue—the real Blue. He finds that with one ‘S’ still missing, column-15 is a TWS bingo line. And with the endgame closing in, a 70-something point lead might be irreversible. Blue decides to do something about it. So he comes up with 14I:WITH.

Last diagram. It turns out that Blue is going to win this game after all. So what are you going to do if this were your turn?

harder, a visit 04

Me? I would (you bet) play L3:BORES and save OE for the next move, just in case. But what [the real] Red has to say about this? CAVEATOR, saving OBESE for the next move. Wow!

Sure, every player knows OVUM and CAVEATOR might not be an obscure word, but spotting that line-4 here is in fact not blocked yet and being able to see that only in seconds (check out Red’s time) is something else.

So, still haven’t ever paid them a visit? Believe me, picnic is good.


Note: new words for me—SUETY, SESTINE, STANINE, FRONTLET.


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