A worthy picnic

harderIt’s about time to pay the big guys a visit—watch them play. What good does this do to us? A lot. Vocabs, tactics, a couple of tricks.. It’s fun, nonetheless (it doesn’t matter who plays Red or Blue here, our concern is about the play).

harder, a visit 01

Move one. And it pays already! Now how many seven-letter words starting with SES~ do you know? I know two: SESSION and SESAMES. Each consumes no less than three S’s. Cool, huh?

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QUIZ – when time is running out

harderThis is a gift from a friend. I could not solve this, but maybe you could. We are the first player. Bag’s already empty. The clock is ticking. Last time to strike.

Find a bingo.

1st Player: 228++++++++++++++++++++++ 2nd Player: 290quiz harder end mustbingoTiles left: 0 – A C J N P (opponent’s)


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Fun? Sure, it comes from respect

harderWant to have some fun scrabbling? Then respect your opponent. She/he is all you’ve got. I like open board, for it always invites possibilities, and makes the outcome (or the game) become more unpredictable—fun! But as in any game, in scrabble we also have to know when to attack and when to defend—or else we’re going to miss the art of playing. So there are times when we’ve just got to do some blocking—doing defence, to prevent something from happening (or at least to make it less likely to happen).

Red had just made BYE here. Now this sure looked fishy (see the diagram).

(1375) Blue: 268 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (1433) Red: 2442 - blocking wajib(Tiles left in the bag: 26 — Tiles left to note: SSS ??)

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