Squeeze and sneak it in!

easyIn the endgame, sometimes we have just to accept the fact that it is the other player who will make the last move and do our best to use up as many tiles as possible (especially ‘the big guys’, if we have any) before our opponent closes the game.

Check out the diagram. The bag is empty and there are only five tiles left on the opponent’s rack (we don’t know what they are but seeing that all ‘the tough guys’ are already down then it would be sensible to assume he will finish the game in one or two moves max).

Now suppose the scoring is tight and we are Blue. What are we going to do?

1, end-sneak it in (cut) 01

Clearly, we need to do some dumping. But a move like 6L:DID or 11A:ILL is not good for that would have thrown our last and only vowel without any compensation. Even 12M:LIP is bad here for it will give our opponent a free TWS out of nowhere.

And for the game is tight, we have something else to worry about: scoring (to give us some leverage for the penalty points we’ll have to concede if our opponent does end the game).

Rephrased, the problem is this: we need to dump ‘P’ (our biggest guy around) with as many points as possible, and without giving the opponent some score booster (like a TWS square). Maybe it’s time for a little squeeze and sneak-in. Where? See the yellow arrows/dots below.

1, end-sneak it in (cut) 01b

In those areas, we can sneak in some letter(s) to form words: PILL, ANT, DON or CHINED. The first priority would be PILL, then CHINED (if the opponent hasn’t finished it yet).



2 thoughts on “Squeeze and sneak it in!

    • Anytime, Carl. And yes, that’s just the way I call it. Say, our opp finishes the game and we still have A+B on our rack (with a total letter-point of 4). Then he’ll get 4 bonus point (+4) and we’ll suffer 4 penalty point (-4)—or alternatively, he’ll get 4×2 bonus point while our score stays the same.

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